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    The Early Career Focus Group (ECFG) is a crucial initiative within the Association of Environmental Law Lecturers in the Middle East and North Africa (ASSELLMU) which aims to equip and support the next generation of environmental law scholars. The group comprises early career professionals in environmental law in the MENA region, including PhD, JD, and doctoral students in the field. We extend a warm welcome to all young academics who are passionate about raising awareness and promoting education on environmental issues in the region. At our group, we strongly believe in diversity and inclusion, which are the key pillars of ASSELLMU. These values not only provide us with strength but also allow us to explore different perspectives to find sustainable solutions to the environmental challenges that we face at local, regional, and global levels.

    Mission and Objectives

    The ECFG’s primary objective revolves around nurturing the development of early-career academics, with a keen focus on fostering a vibrant community dedicated to law education and research. This specialized focus group aims to facilitate young scholars’ growth and professional advancement within the MENA region, providing them with invaluable support and resources as they navigate the early stages of their academic careers. Through targeted initiatives and collaborative efforts, the ECFG endeavors to create a conducive environment for knowledge exchange, interdisciplinary collaboration, and skill enhancement among emerging scholars in the field of environmental law. By promoting mentorship, networking opportunities, and capacity-building activities, the ECFG seeks to empower young academics to contribute meaningfully to the advancement of environmental law scholarship and practice. Through its inclusive approach and commitment to excellence, the ECFG aspires to be a catalyst for positive change in the legal landscape of the MENA Region, driving innovation and fostering sustainable development through legal education and research.

    Meet the EFCG Executives 

    What We Do

    The ECFG strives to become a prominent platform for environmental discourse within the Institute and the international community in Geneva. We curate panel discussions, workshops, and various events aimed at raising awareness about environmental concerns and fostering constructive dialogue and networking opportunities. EFCG is committed to involving young scholars in our initiatives, aiming to encourage their active participation. Additionally, we extend invitations to renowned international experts and leaders in the environmental sector to join us in EFCG events.





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