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ASSELLMU welcomes as members, all those interested in fostering its missions, which is to promote “dialogue and inquiry into the teaching, research, practice and implementation of environmental law as it pertains to the countries and peoples of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.”

Everyone teaching, researching or studying in the field of environmental law in the MENA region is therefore welcome to join ASSELLMU. Membership of the Association, at present around 550, ranges from environmental lawyers and scholars in academia, private practice, government and the judiciary, to non-lawyer experts from commercial, industrial and financial spheres, and representatives of bodies such as maritime, shipping and arbitration organisations and chambers of commerce based in the MENA region which membership can further the objects of the Association.

Membership categories:

  • Individual membership: open to all full-time faculty members who conduct research, or teach environment related law courses, in a university in the MENA region;
  • Corporate or Institutional Membership: open to corporate organizations, university law departments, law faculties and law schools, together with academic research institutions, located in the MENA region, that have made teaching and research about environmental law a significant component of their academic activities.
  • Student Membership: open to full-time masters or doctoral students in environment related law courses who are nationals of, or pursuing their studies or thesis, in MENA countries.

The Executive Council of ASSELLMU may also elect any other applicant as an ordinary, corporate or student member of the Association, as the case may be, subject to the applicant paying any applicable subscription fees.

ASSELLMU holds a number of international law conferences and seminars which members are entitled to attend mostly free of charge or at a discounted rate. Each member in good standing with ASSELMU is eligible to serve as an officer, or in any other leadership position that might be created. All members in good standing are authorized to vote on any issue submitted for decision to the membership.

List of current members is available here